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IMJ was started with a noble cause of creating awareness about SEO, SEM, PPC, Analytics; in short about Internet Marketing. It is a joint effort of three industry individuals (Dipali Thakkar, Jaydip Parikh and Kaushal Shah), who are expert in their niches. The main objective of this blog is to share the knowledge possessed by these experts.

Dipali Thakkar

Dipali Thakkar is Co-founder & Author of Internet Marketing Journal. She’s widely cited to authority on search engine optimization and web analytics since last 3 years. She also maintains a personal blog called Web Analytics Tip. You can stay in touch with her on Twitter as @dipalit, Linked in and Face Book.

Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip Parikh is Founder and Author of Internet Marketing Journal. He is Techie guy with experience in Internet Marketing, B2B Strategies and Planning, Social Media Marketing etc. He also works as Internet Marketing Consultant. You can follow him on Twitter@jaydipparikh or Catch him at Facebook.

Kaushal Shah

Kaushal Shah is a Co-founder and Author of Internet Marketing Journal. He is Google Adwords Certified Individual with overall 5 years experience in Internet Marketing. Working as SEO Manager and Internet Marketing Expert, he is passionate about new technology and gadgets. You can be in touch with him on @kaushalshah, Facebook and Linkedin.

Gopinath Dhandapani

Gopinath is associated with Internet Marketing Journal as Editor in Chief. He is An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills with the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management. You can Connect him on Twitter,Facebook and LinkedIn.


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