Google India Hire Hundreds of Engineers

Google India's HR managers may be in for a hectic time. Days after Google announced $1,000 bonuses and ten percent raises for all the company's workers, a high-ranking employee has committed to hiring at least 200 engineers in the country.

Peeyush Ranjan, Google India's head of research and development, told the Economic Times, "Between Google Bangalore and Hyderabad, we have a team of about 300 engineers working on the cloud technologies. This is the largest cloud focused team for the company outside [the] U.S. Now, in order to cater to the growing market opportunities, we are preparing to hire hundreds of engineers into this team."

That's quite a commitment. What's more, other reports indicate Google intends to double the number of engineers it has in India, so that would mean a whopping 300 new jobs.

It's fun to think of how many emails, muffin baskets, and bouquets are sure to get sent as people vie for the positions.

Then one other thing to consider is what sort of growth the move implies. Granted, Google had 23,331 full-time employees as of September 30th, so another 300 isn't a lot in the scheme of things, but adding that many employees to one team signals an intense increase in focus.

It may not be unreasonable to expect some significant cloud-related advances to come out of Google India as a result.

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